ACUPUNCTURE  the ancient Chinese needling art , as an art within the scope of practice of Chiropractic doctors (some use the nauseating term of Chiropractors which I dislike intensely), may be put in jeopardy by Senate Bill 1314 in Texas.

Although I have written on Chinese
traditional medicine topics for years, and have been
involved as a sifu   in Chinese martial arts , and also, in my practice as a doctor in Austin Texas, shared office space with a Chinese acupuncturist from China, who was also a "barefoot doctor"  in China, I do not currently practice acupuncture in my practice in Longview Texas, BAKER CHIROPRACTIC, PA. That being said, I am fighting for my brothers and sisters who are Chiropractic Doctors (DCs or Doctors of Chiropractic) who DO practice acupuncture, because there is a bill slithering like a poisonous snake through the body politic of Texas that would make it illegal for Chiropractic Doctors to practice acupuncture if the bill passes the house.

Senate Bill 1314 was introduced into the Texas Senate by a Republican LAWYER named Chris Harris who wasn't even born in Texas, he is NOT a Texas native. Well, maybe they do that kind of sneaky, behind the back attack in the State of California, but in Texas, we are not fond of people trying to sneak something in to attack the way you earn your living, behind your back.

Now, if you look in Google for ANY cases in Texas of Chiropractic doctors hurting people through the practice of acupuncture, you will not find a record that Doctors of Chiropractic constitute ANY danger to the public through their practice of acupuncture.

I could not find any such cases, and I am fairly adept at doing Google searches and Yahoo searches (and when goes live, I will try that too).

I want SOMEONE to ask Mr. Harris, California born Republican Lawyer from District 9, "WHAT WAS THE REASON YOU INTRODUCED SB 1314 ?". He better have a damn good reason for this transparent legislative attack against an honored profession.

Now, I have seen SOME so-called "acupuncturists" who are acting as if they are purists, and say that Chiropractic doctors
should not be practicing, and are in favor of this slimy piece of pretender to be, legislation. To that I would say this. Number one, do you speak Chinese, either Mandarin or Cantonese? Number two, are you classically trained and would you be able to pass a test in China on things like traditional pulse diagnosis,
herbal medicine, moxibustion, cupping, etc.? Number three, do you use a "cookie cutter" approach to needling (meaning, do you devise a treatment plan based on visual inspection, auscultation, tongue reading, and pulse diagnosis, or are you just using the most commonly used points ONLY TO TREAT SYMPTOMS ?
The true aim of acupuncture is to keep people HEALTHY. In ancient China, a doctor with many sick patients was seen as a poor doctor, since his patients were becoming sick. The superior doctor had HEALTHY patients.  Number four Are you doing traditional acupuncture or electroacupuncture?

I have authored many nationally published articles on topics like Medical Training During the Sung Dynasty, Qigong, Chinese traditional herbal therapy (A Pharmacy in Your Cupboard), and
I do not know very many folks licensed as acupuncturists in Texas that I would take my hat off to and acknowledge them as acupuncture masters, based on the level of diagnosis and clinical acumen that the true acupuncture masters in China had.

So, if these so-called acupuncturists do not measure up to my standards, I don't care if those Chiropractic doctors that are practicing acupuncture legally at this point, fail to measure up to THEIR standards or not.

The point is that Attorneys General in Texas have given decisions
that, it is LEGAL for Chiropractic doctors to treat patients in Texas using acupuncture, and as I noted, apparently, they are doing so safely, and helping patients get better using acupuncture.

Thus, I urge ALL Chiropractic doctors, whether they practice the needling art or not, to do all they can to oppose SB 1314, and also, to sign my petition at:

Thank you.

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